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connectrex is a leading provider of community corrections software and strategic consulting partner to progressive government agencies nationwide.  We are unique!  We are special!  No other company can claim our experience, talents or capabilities.  Blending award-winning software with leading community corrections staff connectrex has truly delivered on the vision of software that makes a difference. 



Software Solutions

The connectrex solutions suite enables users with varying technical abilities BUT deep subject matter expertise to work meaningfully with AND visualize their data.



Business Intelligence

Worthwhile information is solely steeped in solid data. You must collect consistent and complete data in order to provide meaningful information. connectrex solutions enforce a strong data collection strategy that can assist your program to make better decisions.

Applied Technology

Today – new technologies are introduced at staggering rates.  

Our solutions let users of all levels source, connect, and transform data into any shape they desire, and then use it to take action.


Workflow optimization / Process control

Actuarial Assessment Support


Systems Integration

Service Oriented Architecture


Leading edge web-application creation. We develop proprietary technologies to assist in the update of web applications with cross-browser support, HTML5, mobile, responsive and cloud platforms.


Agencies know that to receive the maximum benefit from software and workflow requires a serious upfront investment in training for their teams. connectrex Trainers provide accredited user training on software, assessments, CJIS compliance, workflow/process control and navigating the multi-generational workplace.






defendants and clients served



Over the years we have struggled gaining a complete and consistent software package that enables our staff to do the job they were intended for. We were given false hope with other vendors’ solutions, struggling as before. connectrex, with its enterprise package Monitor and their tireless staff, came through for us. Big time! Thank you! Now, let’s keep going.

Chief Probation Officer

Our partnership with connectrex is really meaningful. Their continual product improvement allows our agents to focus their efforts on real problems. For example, their new MonitorMobile application has doubled the productivity of our agents in the field. Now, they spend their time on the important tasks and goals supervising our clients instead of spending hours journaling home visits, drug tests, or office visits.

Agency Director



Monitor is the award winning client management solution (CMS) that brings agencies, their clients and offenders together. It’s one integrated CMS platform that gives all your departments — including intake, detention, pretrial, investigations, supervision and treatment — a single, shared 360° view of every client and offender.


At connectrex we realize that success does not come all at once for clients and offenders – it's incremental. This is why we think you will be pushed now or in the future to adopt MonitorConnect, the ONLY client self-management portal in the market today that actively encourages responsible, pro-social, behaviors.


Turn your data landfill in to a data GOLDMINE.
Middleware usually comes in two varieties - it either doesn’t work or works poorly. Our mPath middleware software is “VERY useful” and “HIGHLY flexible”.


You often can't solve your clients' and offenders' issues unless your providers and partners are integrated into your operations. mCommunity solves this challenge with a single Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for all your providers and partners.


Your most important resource is your people, so give them EVERY tool they need to do their jobs on the move or in the field with mMobile. Optimized for efficiency and officer safety it is changing the way that Officers work.


Harness the built-in positive family and support networks that surround your clients and offenders with mTouch. This keeps their support network in-sync with their appointments and activity due dates.