System Integration

Connectrex integrates with third party systems, such as treatment agencies, to avoid double-entry of data.

Improved Compliance

Connectrex improves probation compliance by giving officers more time to meet with high-risk | high-needs offenders who are more challenged with maintaining compliance.

“Probation officers now have more time to address real problems because we can now increase supervision based on need.”

Collecting Fines & Fees

Connectrex sends reminder notices of fines and fees to offenders, and can increase collection rates by up to 40%

Agency Effectiveness

Connectrex meets the day-to-day needs of agency staff, as well as those of chiefs and directors.

Reduce Costs

Connectrex gives jurisdictions an option to expensive jail beds with an alternative to incarceration.

“With MonitorConnect, judges can feel comfortable placing more offenders on probation without straining their court resources…”

Decreased Workload

Connectrex’s solutions reduce staff workload.

“It liberates your staff from paperwork…”

Connectrex develops smart technology supervision software for the community correction community.

  • MonitorConnect: Simple yet powerful technologies coupled with a human element to solve big supervision challenges.
  • MonitorCMS : Case management suite most chosen by agencies that want to focus on their core supervision and public safety mission.

This website offers a tour of how Connectrex can help Chiefs and Directors address many of their most important issues.
Let’s start with the pains that Chiefs and Directors commonly face.



MonitorConnect delivers measurable benefits to Chief Probation Officers and Directors.

Pains Benefits
Can’t spend enough time with high-risk offenders 48% decrease in officer caseload, giving you time to meet with high-risk individuals
Jail overcrowding and reduction mandates 37% decrease in jail overcrowding from higher compliance
Difficulty collecting fines and fees 40% increase in fine and fee collection
Low compliance rates 36% increase in offender compliance rates
Offenders with substance abuse problems and other issues 3rd party integration to measure effectiveness of treatment agencies



MonitorConnect provides powerful benefits for CPOs, Case Managers, Judges, Victims, and Offenders

Role Benefits
Chiefs & Directors
  • Compliance reports
  • Collections reports
  • Treatment effectiveness reports
Case Manager
  • Caseload rosters
  • Warning reports
  • Problem alerts
  • Exception reporting
  • Fees and fines collections
  • Court appointment reminders
  • Reduced recidivism
  • Track city of offender
  • See last contact date with officer
  • Alerts with status changes
  • Convenient report-ins
  • Easy court fine payments
  • Reminder services
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