Connectrex has been serving the community corrections industry for over a decade. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our ability to produce is reflected in the following comments:

The Monitor client management system is great software. You want to spend time on your mission, not your process, and that is what this software allows. It liberates your staff from paperwork allowing them to concentrate on clients and agency mission.

Rick Martin
Director – Rappahannock Regional Jail, VA

“Through MonitorConnect we have been able to achieve increased efficiency and improved services.  Probation officers now have more time to address real problem because we can now increase supervision based on need.”

Honorable Matthew P. Sabaugh
Judge – 37th District Court, Warren MI

With MonitorConnect, judges can feel comfortable placing more offenders on probation without straining their court resources, thus relieving our jails the burden of housing defendants who would benefit from community supervision. MonitorConnect is win-win-win: It protects the public, saves public resources, and increases compliance among probationers.

Rob Curtis
Court Administrator – 37th Distric Court, Warren MI

With MonitorConnect we will be able to effectively manage our caseloads and meet the continued challenges in community corrections.

Michael W. Raith, Esq.
Court Services Director – Delaware County, PA

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